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Open booster packs, discover ultra-rare characters, and earn daily rewards by collecting, holding and gaming.

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MoonGames​ Tokenomics

MoonGames is the next evolution of a yield-generating contract on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC): you get rewarded in BNB instead of tokens. The token contract employs a static reward system—20% of every transaction is split in three:

For Holders : 12% BNB is redistributed
Marketing/Devs : 5% Is allocated
Liquidity Pool : 3% to fuel the growth


The MoonGames​ Token

The $MoonGames tokens will be used within the game to buy new characters, new equipment and more.

These characters and equipment will be materialized as NFT Cards (on Binance Smart Chain) that you can decide to exchange on specialized platforms (e.g. ToFuNFT).

Contract Address :  


Decimals : 18

Network : Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Total Supply :  100,000,000,000​

Launch Date: 3rd November 2021​

Liquidity Locked : 6 Months Minimum ​

$MoonGames BNB​ Redistribution.

We created an unique system that auto-claims for every single holder the amount due. We call it the MoonGames

You buy tokens and hold them, everyday you’ll automatically receive BNB in your wallet. Not a single action is required. Keep in mind that a holder needs to own 200 000 tokens to receive the daily redistribution. 

Rewards are paid according to trading volume, if there is not enough trading volume then the rewards accumulate. The MoonGames Reward System waits until it has enough rewards so that it doesn’t lose it all in GAS fees.

Welcome to MoonGames Ecosystem

Open Booster Packs

Enjoy the excitement of opening your first Booster Pack with $MoonGames.

Collect & Trade Super-Rares NFTs

Hold your collection, trade NFTs on the NFT marketplaces and participate in our community.

MoonWorld 2.0 The Play-To-Earn

Enter MoonWorld 2.0 and use your NFT cards and $MNG tokens to progress and acquire more.

Hold $MoonGames Token
$MoonGames is the PASSIVE INCOME COIN (everyday, holders get FREE BNB on their wallets automatically.​
Collect NFT Cards on Binance Smart Chain​
Collect NFTs (on Binance Smart Chain Network) by opening booster packs with your $MNG tokens.​
Play Game​
Enter the MoonWorld 2.0 adventure and use your $MNG tokens and NFTs to play.​

MNG Token & Audit

On November 3, 2021, the MoonGames token (MNG) was deployed with an integrated BNB rewards system for holders.

The contract code is verified on and has also been audited by DessertSwapAudit by DessertSwap.

Dividend Tracker

A tool has been implemented on the site to track the history of its rewards as well as the time at which the next rewards will arrive.


NFTs Booster Packs Launch

First quarter of 2022, the first NFT cards will be revealed and the first booster packs will be available.

These can only be purchased with MoonGames tokens (MNG). This will contribute to the token economy and create transaction volume, which will bring rewards for all holders.

These NFT cards will use the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as a network and can be sold and traded on platforms like tofuNFT.


MoonWorld 2.0

Second quarter of 2022, the Alpha version of MoonWorld 2.0 will be unveiled.

The wallet connection will be necessary for this game and will allow you to have access to the NFT cards and the MoonGames token in your wallet in order to use them within the game.

Any winnings within the game will be reflected directly in your wallet.

The MoonGames Timeline

MNG Token Deployed
The MoonGames token (MNG) was deployed with a small liquidity to maximize earnings for early investors. The token pays 12% dividends in BNB automatically to the holders' wallet.
Dividend Tracker Released
A tool has been developed to track the history of dividends paid on our wallet as well as the date and time of future dividends. This tool is directly integrated to the website for easy access to users.
Audit on DessertSwap
The audit of the token was carried out and validated by DessertSwap. DessertSwap checked the source code for any possible flaw and validated that MoonGames was not a scam.
WhitePaper V2 Released
MoonGames has listened to the community and the project is evolving into a long term project that will mix Token, NFTs and Play-To-Earn.
Website V2 Released
The current website no longer corresponds to the image of the future of MoonGames, so we decided to completely redesign it. MoonGames is not a shitcoin but is here to stay.
NFT Cards Design
The first designs of the NFT cards will be revealed to the community. These designs are made by professional designers and will be integrated directly into the game later on.
NFT Booster Packs
The first booster packs available for purchase. Buy a booster pack with your $MNG tokens and get random NFT cards from the MoonGames universe. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to get an ultra-rare card!
MoonWorld 2.0 Alpha
The Alpha version of MoonWorld 2.0, the result of the MoonGames project. A Play-To-Earn game, which uses the $MNG token as well as the NFT cards of the MoonGames universe, will be unveiled to the community.
November 3rd, 2021
November 18th, 2021
November 25th, 2021
December 12th, 2021
December 19th, 2021
January, 2022
First quarter 2022
Second quarter 2022

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